6 Ways to Enhance Your Smile with Dr. Shah in Dacula, GA

When people think of improving their image, many turn their focus to getting fit. While a healthy diet and exercise plan will enhance both your looks and your health, there’s another part of your image that is worth improving as well – your smile! At Dental Smiles at Dacula, Dr. Shah and his team offer numerous ways to correct your smile and take your look to the next level.

The Effect of Enhancing Your Smile

Have you considered a cosmetic dental procedure before? If so, then getting that treatment you want can be a major enhancement to your life. Whether you’ve wrestled with the idea of straightening your crooked teeth, brightening up your smile, or replacing teeth that have been damaged, all of these procedures are quicker and easier than you might expect.

6 Ways We Can Improve Your Smile

No matter what kind of improvement you need for your teeth, Dr. Shah and his team have you covered at Dental Smiles in Dacula. Check out some of the smile-enhancing services we offer and see if any look like they’re right for you.

1. Invisalign – Straighten your Crooked Teeth

You’re probably familiar with metal braces, which are the traditional way of straightening crooked teeth. Invisalign improves on that process with clear and comfortable plastic aligners. A major asset of Invisalign is that you can remove it, so eating never has to be a tedious process. If you’ve always had a desire to straighten your crooked teeth but hated the idea of wearing metal braces, Invisalign might be the perfect treatment for you.

2. Lumineers – Hide Damage and Create a Beautiful Smile

Essentially a razor-thin shell that bonds to the front of your teeth, Lumineers are the perfect solution to those with a broken smile. Teeth that are misaligned, discolored, stained, or chipped are excellent candidates for a porcelain Lumineer. And with our Lumineers by Cerinate, it’s no longer necessary to remove the structure of the tooth. If you have a few problem teeth that are impacting your smile, consider covering them with a lumineer for an instant enhancement.

3. One-hour Veneers – Restore Your Smile Quickly

One-hour Veneers improves two of the biggest annoyances of dental procedures in general: Cost and time. With One-hour Veneers, patients can have a fully-restored smile in a single visit. Veneers don’t replace your teeth – they cover it with a thin, durable porcelain shell that’s about the thickness of a contact lens. Backed by 20 years of research, this life-changing cosmetic procedure can now be done in less time than ever before.

4. Sapphire Whitening – Make Your Smile Bright Again

One of the easiest ways to improve your smile is to make it whiter – the treatments are inexpensive and the effect is noticeable by everyone. Also known as Lumibrite In Office Whitening System, Sapphire Whitening is a sensitivity-free, highly-effective method of whitening your teeth. Taking advantage of the Sapphire Supreme Light1, Sapphire Whitening can brighten your teeth by 7 shades in just 30 minutes.

5. Snap-on Smile

A treatment that is specifically designed to give people their smiles back, Snap-on Smile fits directly over your natural teeth with no drilling or adhesives required. By simply popping the Snap-on Smile into place, you can eat, drink, and speak normally while flashing a bright, beautiful smile to the world. Typically lasting 2-5 years, Snap-on Smile will be the optimal treatment for many with broken, stained, or cracked teeth.

6. Dental Implants

If you’re missing even one tooth, there are a lot of problems that can arise. For starters, your remaining teeth don’t get the support they need and can become misaligned. Before your missing teeth wreak havoc on your oral health, consider replacing them with dental implants. Dental implants fuse with your jawbone and provide you with a realistic set of replacement teeth that can last a lifetime. Make an appointment with Dr. Shah to see if you qualify.

Visit Dental Smiles at Dacula and Upgrade Your Teeth

Each of the aforementioned procedures can greatly improve the appearance of your smile. If you’ve considered having dental work done but never made the move, this is the ideal opportunity. Cosmetic treatments are quicker and more effective than ever before, and you can get all these and others at Dental Smiles at Dacula. Contact Dr. Shah today!

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