Five Foods for a Healing Mouth

It seems like no matter which procedure we perform, the first question we get asked afterward is “what can I eat?” Following any kind of intensive oral procedure, your mouth is going to be left feeling sensitive, and it may need some time to heal. During this time, our patients will have to avoid foods that are hard or chewy. That said, there are still many great foods that are soft enough to consume with a healing mouth. Today, Dr. Devang Shah is blogging from his Dacula, GA office to talk about some of the foods you will want to experiment with while your mouth heals.

1. Cheese

There are many kinds of cheese that are soft straight out of the package, such as brie and Manchego. With these cheeses, you will be able to eat them without worrying about them harming your mouth. You can also continue eating harder cheeses, but you will need to melt them before partaking. A great meal option using cheese would be to make a quesadilla.

2. Yogurt

One popular snack option for people recovering from a dental procedure is yogurt. Yogurt is a great option because it is naturally soft and creamy, and can be consumed without harming your healing mouth. Another benefit of yogurt is the fact that it comes in many different flavors, which makes it easy to find a flavor that fits your tastes.

3. Eggs

Eggs are a food that everyone always seems to forget. No matter how you choose to cook your eggs, you can rest assured that they will be soft enough to eat without irritating your mouth. And, eggs can be used in a large variety of different recipes, and go well when combined with rice, soft vegetables, and soups.

4. Soup

Speaking of soup, soup is great for patients recovering from an oral procedure. Not only are most soups soft enough to eat with a healing mouth, but the warmth tends to make patients feel better. From soft noodle soup to pureed lentil soup, and even to miso soup, you can rest assured that there are plenty of flavors available to you that will fit your tastes.

5. Soft Grains

The last food option we want to talk about is soft grains. Meals like cooked oatmeal, oat bran, and cream of wheat are all soft enough to be consumed during the healing period of your treatment. And, these meals can be combined with other tasty treats, like berries, cinnamon, and peanut butter, to make them even better.

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While it is true that you may have to give up some foods that you love for a while, rest assured that there are still many great meals ahead of you. By experimenting with the foods above, you should have no problem finding a way to keep your meals feeling fresh and interesting. If you would like to know about other foods outside this list that are perfect for a healing mouth, then we encourage you to contact our office and speak to our helpful team members today.

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