Dentures are an attractive, affordable replacement for missing teeth, but they do come with some drawbacks. One of the worst drawbacks is that dentures tend to become looser over time and often slip out of place, resulting in frequent discomfort and social embarrassment for you.

There are a range of dental adhesives to help keep your dentures in place, but these can be messy and inconvenient to deal with. Additionally, you’ll have to sit through regular adjustments with your dentist.

We’re proud to feature a better option for our patients known as the Denture Comfort procedure.

The Denture Comfort Process

Denture Comfort is an FDA Market-Approved treatment that works for both new and current denture patients.

The procedure begins with Dr. Shah placing four to six Atlas™ implants in your jaw. These implants are made from durable titanium, just like traditional implants, but they’re extremely narrow with short protruding tips.

To complete the process, Dr. Shah will line your denture with an elastic silicone base that grips the tips of your implants, while also providing a soft cushion for your gums. We perform the whole procedure in just one short appointment lasting approximately an hour.

Denture Comfort also doesn’t require sedation or stitching, so you won’t have to worry about arranging a ride or enduring a lengthy recovery. Instead, you can enjoy all the benefits of a healthy and beautiful smile from the moment you leave our office.

Benefits of Denture Comfort

The Denture Comfort procedure offers several benefits that traditional dentures can’t match. Some of these include:

  • Fast — The whole procedure is finished in roughly an hour.
  • Affordable — Since it’s a single appointment, non-surgical procedure, Denture Comfort costs far less than most implant denture treatments.
  • Comfortable — The soft silicone base protects your gums from irritation and increases your comfort.
  • Stable — Denture Comfort slows down the degeneration of your jaw ridge, which is the primary reason that traditional dentures loosen over time.

Visit Dr. Shah for Denture Comfort

Are you tired of your dentures falling out when you speak or smile? Or, are you looking for a natural-looking, secure replacement for missing teeth? If so, Denture Comfort could be the ideal solution for you.

Contact our practice in Dacula today and schedule a consultation with Dr. Shah. He’ll be happy to explain the process in further detail and answer any questions you might have. We look forward to meeting you.